poverty the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possession .poverty is said to exist when people lack to means to satisfy their basic needs .Identification of poor people first requiresa determination of what consult the basic neefs these may be definied as narrowly as those necessary for survival or Although poverty is phenomenon as old human history its significance has changed over time.The total output of goods and service even if equally distrubed would still have been insufficient to give the entire population a comfortable standaered of living by prevaling standarts with the economic productivity that resulted fromm industralized national output were sufgicient to raise the entire population in comfortable level..In india The rate of economic development is very low what is requireffor a good level.poverty is linked with negative condition such as substandard housing homelessness,inadequate nutrients,and food security

solution of poverty

  • Equality and representation for all
  • increase access education.

poverty is not being without money is not being without hope”