Listening Skills

Listening is a Soft Skill that allows people to understand what others are conveying. However, listening skills is the toughest job, but it has the highest priority beyond other skills. Hearing is a physical process, but listening is both physical and psychological. There are several purposes for listening. If you are a good listener, it will be greatly helpful for your bright future. Another best benefit of being a good listener is expressing your information and communicating with others.

How to improve you listening skills ?

It is very important to evaluate your current listening skills, and you have to select areas that you can improve. Here are some suggestions that may help you to improve your listening skills:

> Pay attention and make eye contact with the speaker.
> Respond appropriately.
> Providing feedback.
> Discussing questions in class.
> Ask open-ended questions.
> Request clarification.
> Don’t interrupt.
> Summarize the Data.
> Pay attention to nonverbal cues.
> Practice listening

Maroju Sanjana