Civilization On Mars By Elon Musk.

Elon musk is the person of vision who has established his dominance over many sectors such as electric vehicles, the space industry, and recently satellite internet. He is the owner of the world’s most renowned companies, some of which are,

  • SpaceX.
  • Tesla.
  • The Boring Company.

SpaceX is working on sending humans to Mars by 2025. For this, they have developed an efficient way which they call “Starship.” Starship is of its kind flying ship that is self-sustained in how it can take off on its own and land on the surface on its own. This Starship will play a key role in setting up a new colony on Mars.

At the beginning of the mission, there will be some complications about how the payload of the life support and all other necessary equipment will be delivered. There will be a small space center above the mars orbit waiting for the crew to dock themselves after completing the mission.

After landing on Mars, the crew will adjust themselves as per the situation. And from this, the jobs of various scientists begin; firstly, the geologist will per from specific tests to judge the various mineral values and different aspects. Then, the role of botanists comes where they examine the soil on Mars for testing the salinity of the ground.

And shortly after few days, the crew will come back to earth. This will be the start of humans settling on mars by 2050. In between meantime, the space travel industry will become a regular thing as we travel by airplane today. As there is water on Mars in the form of ice, there are some chances that it is possible to set a new civilization on this red planet.