Interpersonal skills

The way we interact with someone or in a group becomes so natural throughout time that we forget that it involves a very important skill called interpersonal skill. Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use daily to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. Without good interpersonal skills, it is often difficult to develop other important skills. It helps us to relate in positive ways with people with whom we interact. This may make and keep friendly relationships, which can be of great importance to us. It may also mean maintaining good relationships with family members who are the most important source of social support. It may also mean the ability to end relationships constructively.

Basic interpersonal skills that must possess :
1) Effective Communication
2) Positive attitude
3) Inclusiveness
4) Problem-solving
5) Assertiveness
6) Manners
7) Social awareness
8) Self-awareness

How to develop interpersonal skills?
1) Be a friend
2) Co-operate with others
3) Be patient
4) Accepting differences
5) Positive communication and interaction
6) Being courteous
7) Respect all

People with good interpersonal skills are usually seen as optimistic, calm, confident people who are considered quite appealing by all. These skills can improve many aspects of our life, and they help to make our relationships better. This skill equips us to get along with others and communicate with them.

Maroju Sanjana