On 21st June, World Yoga Day is celebrated all across the globe. Health should always be our main priority. In this busy lifestyle, everybody is running after money and taking the health issues lightly. There is a famous saying called, “Health is Wealth.” The main reason of being unhealth is our day-to-day lifestyle in which it includes overeating, junk food, etc. Junk food is considered to be one of the unhealthiest foods for everyone like Pizza, Burger, Samosa, etc.

It becomes normal for people getting health issues even at the age of 35 and above. The problem of obesity is increasing at the higher level. Diseases like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Thyroid, Cholesterol problems are common among young generation. Yoga is a way to control all the problems that can occur in future because of unhealthy eating habits.  It is very hard to control our tongue in terms of ignoring such delicious food. Health over taste should be our first priority, to take the control of your health yoga is one of the best ways to do that.

Yoga maintains the balance between our state of mind and health. It is a practice which stabilizes your mind and calm you in difficult situation. One of the common asanas in yoga is meditation. Different asanas help us in creating a body which is flexible and strong. Yoga is for every body size and for every age. World Yoga Day is a way to celebrate the power and influence created by yoga.

Yoga has been proven very effective for every individual. It creates a positive mindset. It should be adapted by every individual as this is the best solution for our everyday problems.

“Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.”