Portrayal of Drugs and Substance Abuse in Mainstream cinema

The Mainstream cinema in India is globally recognized and admired by so many people living in all other parts of the world not just in India. People of India worship actors and get influenced by them very easily. Government also use actors to do the advertisement for stopping people using different narcotics substances like Tobacco, Cigarette, etc. Indian cinema is popularly known as Bollywood, it has a huge impact and influence among youth.

The future of India is in hands of young generation. It is the most sensitive age to be in as it can make your career or ruin it. It has been observed that young generation have a most high amount of tendency to get influenced. Risks are the part and parcel of everyday life and without taking challenges, you can never do better. Last two years were very tough for every person due to global pandemic. The actual generation who is confused about their future and career is the youth. It has been observed that, Depression and anxiety issues have been faced by almost more than half of the population. In this time, Mainstream cinema and Over-the-top media (OTT) platforms were the only source of entertainment. The entertainment sector was working despite being the worst situation in India to keep us entertained and stress free.

Mainstream cinema used to be our only source of entertainment. The content that was shown in Bollywood was sometime used to unrealistic and fictional which is not appreciated by today’s generation. The level of content has been decreased and only duplicate and similar content is shown in Hindi cinema. Visuals of youngster’s having liquor and drugs have become common in the cinema. We all have seen those films more of a vulgar content than a unique and creative content. To be popular and create hype about any film, it is not necessary to have such scenes which creates a delusion and creates an unrealistic image of being cool among their friends. It is human nature who always wants to try and experience new thing even if it can harm our body and makes us lost our senses.

In many popular films like Devdas, Dev-D, Udta Punjab, Fashion are the examples of portrayal of drugs and substance abuse which creates a lot of buzz among youngsters. It becomes their desire to try harmful substance like Drugs, Hookah, Alcohol, etc. In no time, their desire turns into addiction is a serious issue in the society. Government of India have banned narcotic products to sell in any part of India. Despite banning drugs, Illegal business of narcotic products is still going on. Such illegal business always targets the students of age between 16-21 as they can be easily influenced. Colleges are the prime spot of drug and psychotropic substances to sell.

In the past decade, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, MX player have shown a tremendous growth among the young people. It is the leading industry and have a highly influential content on their platforms. Despite being recently introduced, it is taking over all the profits and growing at a very large scale. Netflix is the most popular among all of us, the content and shows are of top-notch scale. The Graph of its popularity is just increasing day by day. It will be no wonder, if they take over the mainstream cinema and will be the highest contributor in providing the best entertainment at very low price. There are lots of advantages we can discuss about the Over-the top media (OTT) platforms. But you have also heard that everything that gives you best experience have its own disadvantages.

Being a paid platform, the content shown in these platforms also have vulgar content be it displaying the content related to sex, normalizing the usage of drugs and liquor and use of abusing language. Such content creates a false image in the mind of user. The web show and movies are only a form of acting which is not a real scenario. The character played by actors are all fictional and an imagination of a director/screenwriter.  Problem with the youth is that they take such scenes very serious and always creates a false perception in their mind.

The misuse of drug and substance abuse should be controlled by the government. Being a responsible citizen, it becomes our prime responsibility to create awareness among youngsters and teenagers about the harmful effect of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarette, etc. Several rehabilitation centers, Non-Government Organization (NGO’s) are working towards making India a safe place for young generation where no narcotic substance can take away anyone’s life. The addiction makes you a slave of drugs and can increase your chances of ruining your whole future. It is very sad to see even educated doesn’t take their lives seriously.

The time for youth is very crucial & They should be focus on their bright career waiting for them. Government of India should take some serious actions against all those platform or cinemas who is promoting the culture of normalizing the drug and substance abuse among youth. The needful steps should be taken by Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) department to control the misuse of drugs.

“One Life is to be productive not to be addictive.”