Hi beautiful’ s,

My today’s topic is about “Unity is strength” and today I am going to share a story which will help us to Understand, being United what we can achieve.

story time:

The Farmer and his Four Sons…
Once an old farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. They were always quarreling with each other. The farmer tried hard to bring unity among them but they would never listen to his advice. He was very worried about their future.

One day, the old farmer fell sick and decided he should bring unity among his sons. He called his sons and asked them to bring few sticks. They brought the sticks. The farmer asked the eldest son to tie them in a bundle. He then asked them to try their strength to break it.Each of the sons tried to break the bundle but failed. Then the farmer untied the bundle and gave one stick to each and asked them to break it. Each of them was able to do it easily.The farmer said, “Now you understand. If you are united nobody can get better of you. But you keep quarreling, you will be broken by anyone.”

And yes when we stand together we can achieve many things . So let us stand for each other.

Have a strong day.

Keep smiling ❣️❣️❣️