We all are humans and we all have made some mistakes. We chose the wrong person to spend our time with. We made the wrong decision of quitting that job or we made the wrong choice to leave a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Whatever the reason,we all have somethings that we wish we wouldn’t have done or we wish we would have and those regrets and our feelings make us feel unsure about our decision making abilities and makes us lose our confidence in our self and before we know it we just have no idea what to do. The dread of making the same mistakes cripples our mind.

GET A HOLD OF YOUR THOUGHTS– The universal truth is that we have the full power and control over what we dwell on. It’s completely our choice whether we want to keep looking back feeling bad or get our shit together and leave the past to the past and just focus on what we have now. You look back and regret “Oh i wish i wouldn’t have eaten so much look at me now i’m so fat” ,” I wish i hadn’t said that”you keep on wishing and wishing that the past somehow changes but it can’t. So, tell me what’s the damn point?

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GET A HOLD OF THE PRESENT– You did what you did you got fat, you got divorced , you failed , you lost the job alright, now what? What are you going to do so that those things never happen again. Your actions and your decisions are yours and yours only take full responsibility. Accept what you did, accept the fact that you’re not God. If you’re always hesitating and always unsure and always low on confidence those things will happen again. You’ll never be able to lose weight if you’re unsure about your decision to start dieting. You’ll lose the right person again if you keep on dwelling over your commitment issues, you’ll lose the interview if low self esteem is found in your demeanor.

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BUILD SELF ESTEEM– If you’re like me a prideful person,every failure and every bad choice makes you feel very embarrassed and those choices literally cause us physical and mental pain. It causes us to lose respect for our own selves. WE BERATE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANY CRITIC OUT THERE which ultimately decreases our self esteem. If you don’t respect yourself who else will? If you bad mouth yourself if you are your own bully then how in the God’s gracious hell will you ever be able to believe in yourself? How can you expect to achieve great things with a demon always pulverizing your confidence and literally throwing you on the ground every time you try to stand up.It is your responsibility to exorcise the demon in your brain and tell it to shut up. You listen to what brings you up and be deaf to those lingering shadows that want to bring you down. Only you can do that.

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SPEAK ONLY GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF – What you say repeatedly about yourself is how your brain perceives your self image. Ever heard of the saying that if you can’t speak something good about someone then you shouldn’t speak something bad. Similarly, speak good things about yourself call yourself pretty, handsome, smile more try and to have fun more, say you’re smart, say you’re talented, say that you can have everything and achieve everything if you worked hard for it and then do it. You will be surprised how much your life will change if you start complimenting yourself.

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FIND GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF – in order to believe in ourselves we need to first know that we are a force to be reckoned with. Celebrate your past achievements.Think of all the hard times that have passed you and how you tackled them. Look at the good things about yourself and appreciate them . Start liking yourself no matter what kind of a person you are .

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FIND WHO YOU WANT TO BE – We all have an ideal person inside our mind with good eating,sleeping, exercising habits who is productive energetic and funny someone who is positive and who takes good care of him/herself. Be excited that you have a chance to improve who you are and that with little effort put everyday your life can change drastically. Try to be a person you would be proud of.

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LEARN ELIMINATION – Learn to eliminate bad thoughts and bad people from your life. Eliminating people who keep reminding us of our mistakes, our misfortunes or imperfections are the ones who we need to stay from the most. You have controlled the inner demons in your head now it’s time to control the real life ones.

LEARN HOW TO IGNORE – Let’ face it we can’t run away from everyone. We need to learn how to filter and the art of just not caring. Let them say what they want to say, stop letting people’s words get to you. Other people’s words cannot define your future, only you and your actions can do so. Learn that and just move on. You’re not born to live up to people’s expectations you’re born to do what really drives you. Do not let others dim the flame that you ignited with such difficulty.

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BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT– Believing in your capabilities is the first step you can take towards achieving your goals whether its losing 10 kg or a 100 it’s up to you.It’s your commitment to the task, to your life that you want to improve. Drive yourself, don’t wait for others to pick you up be your own back bone and believe that “you can do it” that you’ve got this and repeat it again and again like a mantra. Get yourself pumped up, if life is kicking you in the gut be angry and punch it back by getting back up and getting out of the negativity and low self esteem and don’t back down till you’ve landed a decent punch on the world on your critics on everyone who has made you feel unworthy or ugly or dumb by doing something which they thought you could never do which you yourself thought that you’re incapable of . Prove them wrong, prove that inner voice in your head wrong.Make it your life’s goal.Be selfish, do it for yourself, have some pride and just stop caring because you know in your heart of hearts that you can do it.