A sound mind is one that dreams of a better world and works for a better world while being mindful of the limitations of the present world.”

  • Abhijit Naskar,

Indian society is burnt with the cause of many social evils many great people came in front of the society to form the society in a new pattern.

Ram Mohan Roy made a vehement protest against the age-old evil practice like the notorious suttee rite. He succeeded in persuading the British governor general lord William Bentinck to declare it illegal.

Another great man was Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who came forward and spread female education he set up schools for this purpose not only that he introduced widow marriage and stop child marriage he had to struggle hard for introducing this to reforms.

However there are some places in India where the social reforms are not even working perfectly many places like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh have not get the light of this social reforms made by this great human beings.

In this case West Bengal should also be considered as a matter of disgrace. Malda and some other districts of this state is also a victim of several social causes people should stand family and sincerely against the social evils to make better and expected society in the new generation.