Pollution is making something dirty or impure by adding harmful substances. It is the greatest misery of today’s world. Each and every segment of environment is getting polluted by human activities.

Everybody knows that air is life. But sadly air is being polluted by smoke from factories and gases emitted by motor vehicles. Not only has that people through cigarettes and things like those polluted the air. Nuclear explosions also contribute a lot to air pollution a number of diseases such as tuberculosis bronchitis heart and nerve diseases are caused by air pollution.

Man cannot live without trees but water is the main ingredient of protoplasm which is the main thing to survive for plants. Chemicals and other wastes from factories pollute water. polluted water kills fishes and other aquatic animals and makes the situation more grave the problem of arsenic contamination is also there we suffer from various water borne diseases and skin diseases by using polluted water.

Noise pollution also takes place at the same time it is caused by the indiscriminate use of electric horns microphones and crackers the bursting of bombs and tires also causes sound pollution it affects the attention of students and the steps sleep and best especially of the patients children and the aged people.

As it is our world we think it is our bounden duty to stand against the pollution and recreate our surroundings by planting more and more if we fail to check this pollution the world of tomorrow would be a deaf world.