Clearly, the title emphasises the education of women. Yes, it is important. The male-female ratio in our India is not correct. Moreover, the education of women is dominated in several parts of India. To prove them, they need a competence and hence the education is significant.

            But history says that Indian women had equal position and honourable status like men in the Aryan ages. Women then had the right to educate themselves, they took part in studying and writing the Vedas and holy scriptures-  Gargi, Apala,Ghosha ,Lopamudra are some of them. Then a drastic demotion in women education came all over the India and remained for a long time.

However, now girls are getting the same education as boys in an institution meaning indicated girls are coming out of s nurses teachers and doctors now so they are self supporting and bringing financial help to their families above all a well educated mother only can make an ideal family.