5 Yoga Poses to curb with Depression

When depression attacks, life appears to be hopeless. But yoga can benefit you. Try these yoga poses to recover your mental health.

Are you often surrounded by feelings of irrelevance? Is getting out of bed is a task for you? Do you feel like you have no future? These are some things that could site towards depression.

If this is how you’ve been feeling, you could find some aid by practising yoga. When it comes to this age-old system, it is so significant to remember that yoga isn’t just for physical health but also adds to improving mental health.

Yoga has shown its efficacy in several things like weight loss, rational behaviour, physical diseases, and mental health is another thing that yoga can take treat of.

There have been several studies published in journals like PLOS ONEInternational Journal of Preventive MedicineJournal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, and more that have noted that yoga has shown favourable results when it comes to depression and nervousness.

Some poses in yoga are dominant when it comes to depression and anxiety.

But before we start on this yoga journey,  keep in mind that ease poses can reduce your depressive symptoms but cannot cure your depression. If you do have depression, please seek professional help.

Here are the five yoga poses that you can do daily to fight with depression:

1. Child’s pose aka balasana
Child’s pose is known to confer stability and serenity on you. According to an article published by Harvard Medical School and a study issued International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology, performing child’s pose daily can help in decreasing the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

2. Plow pose aka halasana
Halasana or Plow Pose increases your posture by decreasing the burden on your back. When the back is lengthened, it has a calming effect on your brain and reduces stress. This pose is very useful for those who suffer from headaches and insomnia. The pose of Halasana is such that the head is placed below the heart.

3. Bridge pose aka sethu bandhasana
Well, this one is not just eminent for depression and anxiety but it also assists your gut to stay proper.

4. Downward-facing dog aka adho Mukha Svanasana
This is one of the most lively poses in yoga and the flow of this pose is known to flow blood throughout our body.

5. Corpse pose aka savasana
According to the yoga guru, “Performed at the end of most physical yoga sessions, the corpse pose is a favourite pose for many. It’s easy and also very effective. Anxiety is exhausting, draining you both physically and mentally. When you get into savasana, the posture gives you a chance to relax and recoup. It begins to cool your mind.”

Bottom line is that you need to take care of your breathing techniques while doing these poses and take it slow to reap the maximum benefits.

So, try these yoga poses for at least two to three weeks regularly and let the peace prevail in your life.