Chart Topping History of the Worldwide Famous Band BTS

Breaking all the cultures and musical stereotypes against Asian artists, The South-Korean Band BTS changes the world with their influential music and message of unity

By Laavanya Jain, June 30 2021, 4:39pm IST

By now, there’s less than a little chance you haven’t heard about the most sensational band- BTS.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) or Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean Band which debuted on June 13, 2013 under BigHit Entertainment (now HYBE) with total seven members— RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Originally started as a hip-hop band, their music has evolved into a wide range of genre’s. Their lyrics, mostly focusing on issues like mental-health, school pressure, loss, troubles of loving oneself and also expressing their own struggles through the early years of their debut has touched the hearts of people all over the globe and also served as a cope up mechanism for many.

In the eight years since their debut, BTS has achieved the fame and recognition that many artists aspire to achieve but seldom attain. Their achievements have no bounds, going from being the first K-pop group ever to perform and get elected at Grammy’s to breaking the Guinness World Record for staging the biggest virtually attended livestream music performance.

After debuting on June 13, 2013 with their single album 2 Cool 4 Skool with its lead single ‘No more dream’ and their most latest Summer Hit ‘Butter’, BTS has crossed the global music industry, breaking numerous records and sales simultaneously. BTS also became the fastest group since The Beatles to earn four US number-one albums, doing so in less than two years. BTS has also appeared in the magazine’s lists of the 25 most influential people on the internet (2017-2019) and the 100 most influential people in the world (2019), where they were dubbed as “Princes of Pop”. Following the establishment of their Love Myself anti-violence campaign in partnership with UNICEF, BTS addressed the United Nations 73rd and 75th Genera Assemblies and became the youngest ever recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea due to their contributions in spreading Korean culture and language.

As BTS shifted from their hip-hop music genre to more diverse ones, they settled on expressing the beauty and anxiousness of “youth” and settled on the title “花樣年華” (Korean: Hwayangyeonhwa) which is loosely interpreted to define “youth” as “the most beautiful moment in life”. It explored the emotional agony of youth as well as its playful and brighter side.

BTS released their first English Single “Dynamite” on August 21, 2020, breaking the YouTube record for the most viewed premiere, with more than 3 million viewers, and set a record for the most viewed video in the first 24 hours of release. It also became the first Music Video to surpass 100 million views in less than a day. “Dynamite” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts with over 260,000 pure sales. It remained at the top spot for a second consecutive week, dropped to number two in its third and fourth weeks, and reclaimed the top spot in its fifth week on the chart. Dynamite also became the first track to get a nomination in Grammy’s for The Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category making BTS the first ever K-Pop group to receive a Grammy Award Nomination.

With the release of their new album “BE” and its lead single “Life Goes On”, BTS achieved their third consecutive number one on the Hot 100 in just three months—the fastest of any band since the Beatles in 1964 to do so—and became the first group in the chart’s history to have two number one debuts, as well as seven songs appearing simultaneously on the chart.

Their new summer single “Butter” which was released on May 21, broke Dynamite’s YouTube record for the most viewed premiere, garnering 3.9 million viewers and also became the most viewed video in first 24 hours of release, with 108.2 million views. “Butter” debuted on number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, staying at the first position for the consecutive five weeks.

In many of the interviews BTS has been on since the pandemic, they openly expressed their thoughts and struggles during the lockdown period and how hard they worked on their music and shrugging off the longing feeling to meet their fans (Army’s), to perform in front of them and to meet them eye-to-eye. BTS is a not just a band but a group of seven influential people who have broken the barrier of transgender and multiple superstitions about homosexual genders, encouraged people to walk on the path of keeping and loving themselves before anyone else, their songs acting as a coping mechanism for people suffering with depression.

“The fear of an obscure future as our daily lives turn upside down is a moment of realization of the self. The realization that makes me a true me, myself.”


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