When Lord Shiva’s hand is on you, what signs might you expect to see?

Lord Shiva carries the title of destroyer in our texts. Every Shiva devotee is curious as to how Lord Shankar was born and who his parents are. In the Puranas, there are several accounts about Lord Shiva’s birth and his parents. Lord Shiva is said to be Swayambhu, or his origin is himself, according to the Shiva Purana. Bholenath exists beyond of time and space.

A narrative of Lord Shiva’s birth can be found in the Vishnu Purana. According to mythology, when Brahma ji required a child, he performed penance. Then Shiva, the sobbing kid, arrived in her lap. When Brahma inquired as to why the youngster was crying, he simply replied that because his name was not “Brahma,” he was crying. Brahma then gave Shiva the name Rudra, which means “one who weeps.” The birth of Shiva as Brahma’s son is also the subject of a mythical narrative in the Vishnu Purana. According to this, when the entire cosmos, including the earth, heaven, and Hades, was inundated, only Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh remained. Then only Vishnu, on his Sheshnag, was seen resting on the water’s surface. Then Brahma ji arrived on his navel’s lotus umbilical cord.

When one’s heart is full of devotion, there is no room in one’s head for impure thoughts. And someone who has bhakti will not appreciate someone just because they are affluent or powerful. He is unconcerned about wealth or pelf. In a discourse, R. Narayanan said that he will always have regard for those who are devoted to God.Appar claims that if a person is not a devotee of Lord Siva, he will be indifferent to him, even if he is as wealthy as Kubera, the God of Wealth. If a man is a devotee of Lord Siva, however, Appar will worship him regardless of his wealth.

Signs you can expect

  1. Your ego will crumble, and it will be at an all-time low.
  2. You’ll see that nothing is filthy or lovely; everything has its own essence.
  3. You will no longer seek acceptance from others; the only approval you will require is from your own soul and Lord Shiva.
  4. You’ll want to cry if you encounter someone in suffering or who is hungry.
  5. You will not pass judgment on anyone and will value human beings regardless of their financial, physical, or other characteristics.
  6. You will no longer objectify women; instead, you will perceive a woman as a human being, not a gender.
  7. Anger will be at an all-time low, and there will be perpetual enjoyment and a smile on the face for no apparent reason.
  8. Very upbeat, and a beautiful radiance will emerge.
  9. Your emptiness, restlessness, and hollow will be gone.
  10. You will begin to value animals and nature more than humans, and you will refuse to pluck even a single bloom from a tree.
  11. You will experience negative when you tell lies, criticize people, think nasty thoughts, and so on.
  12. Your mind’s conditioning will begin to crumble, and you will see the truth as it is rather than the truth as it is presented by society and education.
  13. You will be a very loyal person with a lot of love for everyone and few negative characteristics.
  14. Money will no longer entice you; instead, you will stop seeking it and begin to acquire it with a simple approach.