Training By Track2Training NGO

Track2Training NGO has started 90 days tailoring & embroidery course so that women can become self-reliant and earn a sustained living.

Selection criteria 

     •   Beneficiaries are selected through various methods like identification of the target families during field visits, enquiry within the local community and direct requests from potential beneficiaries. 
     •   Beneficiaries are then shortlisted based on their attitude and approach, education levels, learning capabilities, personal verification and by collecting data on the beneficiary’s socio-economical conditions.

Details of training 

     •   Students are taught cutting, stitching and machine maintenance. 
     •   Both theory and practical sessions are conducted. 

Post training 

     •   Certificates are given to successful candidates.
     •   Machines are distributed on 50% subsidy to ensure that they continue with the vocation.