It’s a Marriage..!

In a manner there are lot of people in this world who are definitely sure about the fact that they are going to walk the aisle once for sure in their life. But should this decision be casual or is marriage important in a person’s life these are some questions which are arising in people’s head since time immemorial. So if you ask me it is equally important as well as not so important at the same time and it’s totally dependent upon your personality, your mindset and your aspirations.

So let’s start with why is marriage an important part in anybody’s life. This thing is for certain that before you get married make sure that you have experience everything there is to experience in this whole wide world and you are ready to settle down to start something calm, stagnant and homely and most importantly for that purpose make sure you find that person with whom you are ready to share at least a considerable period of your life because generally hasty marriages and the “d” word which comes after that leads to depression, feuds and lots of tension and dis pleasures which I’m pretty sure nobody would like to have in their resume of life. So make sure you know your likes and dislikes and your pros and cons and then find a person who will accept you for who you are or who you are aspiring to be as your better half. Then you can actually live a life worth living as marriage is something which gives us a sense of sensibility, stability and calmness in most cases and again you have one life we don’t know what’s after this right?

Now proceeding to the fact that why is marriage not so important . So if you really find your soulmate or that person who maybe your soulmate for lets say a considerable period of time and who is accepting you for who you are as a person I mean not for your bank balance or your job or your looks and if that’s that, no worries at all folks enjoy that time with that person then bye comes with a drop of tear and the next moment is to hit the bar and a celebration with a glass of champagne or better a bottle of it, I’m sorry bottles of it XD…And my dear that’s what called exploration and that’s how it should be done because it doesn’t matter if you are introvert, extrovert, combinations of it, shy,wild, straight forward, cocky and as many labels as you can imagine,try living your life with zero regrets when it comes to love and wine and happiness. According to me if you are not so attached with that whole scenario of walking the aisle then it’s best not to get married as when you put a piece of really expensive stone on your so called soul full relationship it may last it and may not as it’s always dependent on both sides so if you love each other then there is no need to name it or to put a designation towards that thing you have between each other because if it’s strong it may last till end of your time but hey don’t worry if you are marriage then do get married but make sure that you never ever compromise your happiness, your personality and your mental stability and integrity for one idiotic or lost being , well I mean there are eight billion humans on planet earth for god sake you will find another one for sure but if you can help the idiotic ones please do help them. So live for yourself and love your family and if you get a chance do fall in love as that feeling to surrender yourself towards a single person with body, mind and soul is something heavenly and it’s a god’s creation and we will think about marriages after that okay .

Another thing I can’t believe people are still into arrange marriages in India well I’m like you are getting married for god sake why should someone else decide the fact that you should get married to him or her. Well in a manner Indian parents act as it’s some kind of moral obligation they have towards their children but in reality it’s a really messed up thing if you ask me as you can’t decide someone’s marriage as it’s not a toy thing or a choice in the restaurant’s menu kind of thing so that you will compromise, it’s a foundation on which the whole human civilization is existent so the concept of arrange marriages should be abolished if you ask me, set ups are okay but at the end it’s your life so be curious explore yourself live it the way you want to(kindly avoid illegal stuff….) so that you will love each and every passing second of your life.

And most importantly, we don’t choose who we fall in love with and putting a name on it is your decision as such yours and yours only for now and for ever………..