Trade Union

Trade Union is an organisation that employees, workers and labour can join in order to protect and promote their interest. Trade Union is an organisation which helps the workers and employees to achieve their goals in areas such as pay, benefits, working condition, hours of work, etc. Trade Union acts as a link or bridge between management and workers. As all the communication that takes place between employer or management and workers is generally through union. Trade Union acts as a medium between workers and management as they help in settlement of grievances and raising the voice of workers in front of management on behalf of workers. The key function of trade unions are regulation of relations, settlement of grievances, collective bargaining and negotiation and raising new demand on behalf of workers. Trade Union is basically a voluntary association of employees and therefore individuals agree on their own to join and act together. Since we know that it is a voluntary association, so the leaders are elected by the members. Trade Union acts as an intermediary between employer and employee. It eliminates the employers’ need to consult each and every employee before taking decision affecting him. Instead the employer talk directly to trade union who represent the employees. The Trade Union, in turn, pass on the information to the employee and the decision is taken at last. It is the most important question that, Why trade union looks so attractive to employees? So for this we should know the factors that makes it so attractive to employees and they are –

  • Minimise Discrimination- As there are chances that a personal relationship may exist between the supervisor and his subordinate and due to this there are chances of favouritism and discrimination. So, in order to minimise favouritism and discrimination trade union compels management to frame policies that press for equality of treatment to workers.
  • Sense of Security- After joining a union the employee experiences a sense of security as he believes that it is an effective way to secure adequate protection from various hazards and income insecurity.
  • Sense of Participation- Employee experiences sense of participation only if they join trade union. After joining the Trade Union employees can participate in matters of management which affects their interest.
  • Sense of Belongingness- It is always seen that people follow eachother. Same goes here, many employees join a union because there co-workers are the members of the union. The members of a union feel that they are gaining respect and can also discuss their problems with the Trade Union.
  • Platform for Self Expression- Everybody loves expressing themselves. They want to share their feelings, ideas and opinions with others and this platform is provided by trade union to its members. Trade Union helps in providing a support to collective voice of the workers so that the management can hear this and can give due consideration while making policy decision by the management. Trade Union also helps in betterment of employee relations among management and workers by solving the problem peacefully.

Last But Not the Least

Trade Union plays an important role in workers, employees and labour’s life as it provides a sense of security, participation and belongingness which motivates them to work hard.