Trend ‘Web-Series’

What is a Web Series?

A web series is a series of episodes designed like Television series except for the matter that its shown on the web. Normally, TV daily soaps run for months or years but a web series have small number of series of episodes that could end in a day or maybe in two to three days. It depends on the person who is watching. Some prefer in binge watching the episodes which means the practice of watching multiple episodes of a series in rapid succession. Where else some people prefer watching it at their free time.

Webseries tells you a story that are released over time in order. Its not like the episodes of daily soaps that requires dramas to entertain the audience. All you need is a creative content for the show to reach out the target audience.

The first web series in India that created a lot of buzz amongst the youths was ‘Permanent Roommates’ in 2015. Since then, there has been a rise on the Web series platform with various different shows or series.

Web series can be watched on your smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets and even on Televisions. It can be scripted or non scripted videos or series of episodes.

The budget of the web series is normally less compared to the TV or films shootings. The web series can be made by anyone who has a great content and a creative ones which the audience would love to watch and also something new and exciting one.

The best part about web series is that you can show whatever content you want to and there are no restrictions or violations against it whereas on the other hand, TV shows or Films are violated for the content to a certain extent.

Over the few years, different genre of web series have been created and released on different platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5, Alt Balaji, etc. People typically spend time in watching the series for 4 to 5 hours or sometimes even more than that. Web series can be watched on the online platforms through WIFI or cellular data on your smartphones or tablets.

Web series can be in different genres like romance, drama, mysteries, horrors, suspenses, thrillers, crimes, etc. The contents can be made available in different languages like English, Hindi, German, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and many more.

A great content is all you need and ofcourse the ‘Camera’ for creating a Web Series.


– Web series can be watched anywhere at anytime and at anyplace.

– Webseries can be watched alone with no disturbance.

– Web series can be watched in your free time to avoid boredom.

– Web series can be enjoyed without any censored content.

-Web series can be watched on different online platforms.

– You need to subscribe and login your details to watch your favorite series on the online platforms.


– Due to the uncensored content, web series can’t be watched with families.

– People with busy schedules cannot enjoy web series as it requires free time.

– You need to do payments for your subscription.

The current scenario:

Today, Webseries have took over the Television daily soaps among the youths and certain age groups who like to watch series on the Web. Not completely but more than TV shows, the youth prefers to binge watch the different series as per their likings that are released on different online platforms.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Alt Balaji, Zee 5, Voot Select are few of the online platforms that are the most trending. The nation lockdown has made people sit at their homes due to which some are working from wfh and some are free. As more and more people have free time, generally youths are spending more time in binge watching the trending series which are going on releasing and entertaining and keeping themselves busy in this lockdown.

Depending on the preferences or depending on the trending series people make time and binge watch it. Nowadays, youths have no topics to talk about except for one i.e CoVid-19. So, they do discuss about the series that are trending or the ones which they have watched amongst their friends and yes resulting in ‘word of mouth’ publicity which helps the series to grow and be trending.

Television soaps are rarely watched by the youths due to the upgrowing webseries industry. Not completely neglected by youths but yes they do enjoy watching series on the web more than Television daily soaps.

Well, that doesn’t mean that TV daily soaps are not in demand or will be going off air in the upcoming years. No, not at all.

Web series have created a trend in the market. The nation- wide lockdown increased the number of viewers of web series more rapidly and is trending today than compared to earlier as TV daily soaps weren’t available with new episodes or dramas.

Everyone wants something new always due to which the web series have started getting maximum number of viewerships as new series are being released till date.

Web series or TV daily soaps , all we need is entertainment, creative and different stories. The people who prefer series over the TV daily soaps will continue to watch series and vice-versa. And the people who love watching web series and TV soaps will always continue doing that.