What is Public Relation?

According to Frank Jeffkins- Public Relation Is a planned, deliberate, and sustained effort, to build and promote mutual understanding between an organization and its public to bridge the communication gap. 

The basic purpose of Public Relation is more or less the same in every sector. It is an art and science of developing reciprocal understanding and goodwill. Effective public relations can win people to a certain cause or a program. It can also motivate people to buy a certain product or service. It can encourage investment from the public. Therefore, the need for public relations is obvious.

There is a success if some ground rules are followed. Therefore, some essential for good Public Relations are-

  1. PR man should have a thorough knowledge of an organization
  2. Well versed in PR techniques
  3. Alert to the public mood and new trends
  4. Creative and knowledgeable
  5. Broad public relations experience is extremely necessary for success.

Public Relations includes a host of things- press relations, advertising, publication, audio-visual and outdoor media, community relations, organization of conferences and seminars, hospitability and entertainment, financial relations, relations with the government, internal communications, etc. More important than all these activities is the projection of the image of the organization in different media-press, radio, and TV.

It is both art and science, has the beauty of art and technique of science. The substance of public relations is to develop understanding among different constituents that deal with the organization. The PR dealings should stress on accuracy, integrity, performance and providing of newsy, timely information, and other material. In any case, the PR man should avoid begging or trying to get pressure publicity through news columns and newscasts by using pressure publicity through news columns and newscasts by using advertising as a weapon. The PR man has to keep all these aspects in mind.