Brand Leadership

Unilever the largest company in the world has its stock prices always mounted high, they are also globally recognized for their innovative power and brand building. In 1947, Unilever entered the Malaysian Market. They were already famous for their effective and efficient manufacturing capacity. What was the reason behind Unilever’s growth in Foreign land? In every article, I found Unilever focuses on Portfolio analysis and they did a thorough study of the depth and breadth of their brand. Conducting intensive research in and out, studying the target audience, keeping themselves updated with the pace of transformation, focus on brand portfolio and PESTLE analysis is what made Unilever a mate of every household in Malaysia.
We all know, Malaysia is a Muslim country. Meeting the local cultural need of the target audience is not an easy task for companies. But Unilever successfully crossed all the barriers and introduced a new brand- Wall’s Ice-cream. The product was Halal certified fulfilling the demand of locals. In a short span, the success of the brand was counted remarkable.

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