Drink Lassi

Smooth, frozen, yogurt drink mixed with fresh seasonal fruits and water is mouthwatering. From salty to sweet there are many varieties of Lassi and it tastes divine when garnished with dry fruits on top. Lassi is a customary drink of Punjab, India. There it is served in a tall glass. Lassi is useful for our body too. It benefits in lessening stored fat from our body, specifically in the abdomen, and also beneficial in an excretory problems. Being rich in calcium, Lassi aids in making our bone stronger. So, make Lassi at home and enjoy it. It’s easily made at home and you don’t need to put the effort into it.

A cup of cold yogurt

Sugar according to your taste/Salt

Half glass of cold water

Seasonal fruits (you prefer)

Blend all the above ingredients in a blender for two-three minutes and pour it in a glass. For garnishing use dry fruits on the top. Enjoy!