Defence is an important and integral part of a nation’s life. For centuries wars have been fought among different people. Even in modern times, wars have not been removed from life. In some part of the world or other two nations have been at war with each other during the past decade or two. Many of the developed nations top are spending large amounts for the defence of their borders. In the name of defence they have been accumulating weapons of war. New techniques and new technology are utilised in building up arms. In short, every nation is interested in strengthening its military power. The preparations for defence have diverted huge amounts to defence while they could have been used for progressive measures and developmental projects.

WWhen importance is given to military power by some nations, it is quite natural that other nations, especially in contiguous parts, should also think of improving their defence. Hence, it has become a pertinent question whether India too should go in for the strengthening of its military power and whether military training for her youth should be given without delay.

For any country a standing armed force is essential. Every nation has its own army, air force and navy. Much money is spent on recruitment of people for these wings of the defence set up for their maintenance and development. These forces are expected to defend the country. But it is felt that a second line of defence would be necessary. Many feel that compulsory military training should be provided for our youth. This is based on the experience in other countries.

Compulsory military training is only one of the means through which youth could make themselves useful to their country. It is said that in many foreign countries such a training is given. When young men reach a certain age they have to give up whatever occupation they might be following at the moment and take up a course in military science be they students in the universities or workers in factories. They may go back to their original occupation, if they so desire, after the training is over, or they may take up a regular course in military science. Such a training helps them to defend their country in times of emergency when there is pressure on the regular armed forces. This training is compulsory for all able bodied persons.

Apart from this aspect, military training is useful in other ways. Life in our country today has become notorious for acts of violence and indiscipline in many walks of life, in many parts. Regionalism, Communalism and linguist and religious fanaticism breed indiscipline and chaos. Under these circumstances, military training will be of great value in making everyone understand the worth of discipline. It is found that the students in NCC or the ACC are different from others in many ways.

Military training is also useful in other ways. The sense of discipline that is instilled into youth, the habit of service and dedication and selfless work help people in peace time activities also. When there are natural calamities like floods, quakes and drought, those who serve in the armed forces can do service to the distressed people. They can be expected to be quick and efficient in doing their duty and in the execution of any work that may be given to them. If the country is to derive valuable benefits, compulsory military training must be an indispensable factor of life.