student life on online classes during pandemic.

Online education is very treading during pandemic season has been increasing in popularity over the past decade. By the according of studies the number of college student taking online classes double over the past five years high school student enrolled in students are online courses are steady increases as well, and then direct middle school have jumped on the type of e-learning bandwagon. The minds of parents and educators is the weather or not of online courses can give on student the discussion-rich, rounded and learning experience traditional classrooms can.


The online classes are specially college online courses, can be quite beneficial for busy student. The flexible as far as give time management because student don’t have to commute and class at a given time during of a week. Classes can often be a more cost- effective than traditional than the classes are done by at a pace student is comfortable.

For middle and high and middle school as college student are the logistics of online courses also be a beneficial. Adding online classes to their regular class load help struggling or risk students make failed other wise make credit attributable to being transient. By able to play the online student can graduate on time with the classmates.


But the student accustomed to an of a learning are already exists of concern over the loss of social, interactive of education. Logging form the home problems for some students. of other internet access of the campus have been the vacate.

The during corona virus pandemic has an a unprecedented rise in screen time and Dr. Howard Taylor said by the strict containment measure mean and more are replying on the technology and digital solution to the children learning, entertained and outside world but not have necessary knowledge, skills and resources of themselves safe on online.

Their are more than children and young and elders have been affected by school closures. Many those student are now taking the classes as well socialization more more than online.

The long of lock down for the pandemic time has been closed school, colleges, institute and citywide classroom of the ten thousand students are cities and also villages, towns are in computer and smartphone through screen take to online apps tutorials and assessments. And, the E-learning poses as a challenge of both teachers and over technology access, but keeping by everyone buys with workshop, lectures and assignment. Some of the institute are uploading lectures to you tube, while lectures on DTH online to the help of student, And Andhra pradesh is trying tap Doordarshan remove access barriers. The some institute have a adopted the zoom app, google classroom, google meet,Yet are the instruction are unable to say how effective and not every tuning in here of system has rolled out. The parents are finding are difficulty to adjust of online system of children. ?Due to lock down. Some parents says are the school are going only justify the fees in April. Without textbook of new session on studying material as terse message.