Problem of Indian education system

Our present system was designed after the Industrial Revolution, when factories and offices needed a lot of people and you will spend your whole life doing one thing. For instance, you will spend years studying about accounting so that you will become an accountant for life. Or carpentry, engineering or medicine. One skill, learned for life.

The concepts from college hardly changed in decades and thus you could afford to memorize stuff hard once in your life and then do, do, do throughout life.

However, technological progress is rendering this workflow irrelevant. You cannot just learn one career path during a 4 year college and expect to do that for 40 years. Career paths change once every 5-7 years for modern workers. I was a developer, then an entrepreneur and now a product manager -3 careers in a span of 5 years. Many of the new career paths don’t need years at college.

That means we need to interleave learning with working, instead of seeing these as separate things. The work should be carefully monitored so that you are doing the stuff you like, are good at and get challenged at the right level