White collar crime

The White collar crime as a unique form of illegal behavior which is recieved by the great deal of attention since sutherland introduced at the concept in his 1939 president to the american socio- economics status in the ciurce of occupation activity has been the focused upon in serve the ways. For instance, number of reserch studies of the white crime has the initiated by the legal character of the violation questioned of soci logical relevence of that the concept have been doubted their are indicated

Critiques and summaries has the written and the most of criminology textbooks considerable are devoted to a discussion of the white collar crime 7.

Then because of the validity of their white collar crime as a form of crime has been subject of serve controversy, the questions of the conceptual has largely been ignored . Today as addition to be the lack of conceptual clarity a satisfactory explanation of the diverse behaviors subsumed under the concept of the does not exits. These difficulties are to be expected are the search for causative are to be the white collar crime has been hampered by the number of problems which is the impended the study of other form of crime. Two principle problems have been their are the units –

  1. unit of the analysis.
  2. Level of explanation. A discussion of these problems as they are apply particularly to be the study of white collar crime will aids to be clarity the concept of white collar crime and will provide suggestion for reorientation.in the theory.

It is the apparent then that such effort to distinguish catagories of the white collar crime, or to resitrict the definition of white collar crime itself must be the undertaken in order to give the concept of any scientific in order to give various principle of classification should be considered. Possible classification could be the kind of occupation and the employment, The position of the occupation in the occupation structure, the occupational role or roles of the offender, The institutional nature of the occupation or organization.Also classifications could based on the relation of the offence to societal values.

An additional consideration is the possibility of a multi-dimensional classification.-
However, before white collar typologies can be developed, a more pressing problem must be faced
and that is that the concept of white collar crime today rather indiscriminately covers a diverse,
wide, and oftentimes uncertain and inconsistent range of behaviors. The result is that we are not
entirely certain what behaviors constitute white collar crime. This is due in part to Sutherland’s
definition and to his own subsequent use. of the concept of the 3-
1. The research and writing of others on the subject have done little to clarify the concept. remain uncertain as to

2. the importance of the social status of the offender,the exact meaning
of occupational activity.