Even though potentially by the candidate are normally have not chance to familiarize themselves with the culture, when applying for the position then the word of mouth with usually an a engaging workplace go unnoticed, as employee retention card is an important factor in the war of talent, and effective employee engagement will always be a great card to play with their challenge, and less than the half them believe that they have good programs in place of the engage and retain employees. Refer to TalentMapAsia for more information.

Employee are engagement is the important. Various studies have proved engaged employees among other, are the more productive less absence days and generate higher profits. To the dedicate more efforts to employee engagement board across the organization. Let the team understand engagement from the your employee from your employees are perspective on the basis of yearly employee engagement survey and carry out of full communication to develop strategies and tactic that enhance engagement.

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  • EMPLOYEE FLEXIBILITY There are no doubt that in order for employers to attack and retain top talent decreasing the level of employee disengagement,offering the right mix for the corporate of wellness initiatives is critical.

More and more employees are both old and young believe that employers need to play active roles in reducing the amount of the street in their lives. Employees are also of the belief that employers are the right ones do that. Initiative such as mediation program, flexible work arrangement, improvement of work environment and introduction of amenities such as fitness rooms are the days centers of many many more have the capability of making work of environment more for the challenged parents, great talent and the new generation.

Their are the seven types of the war to win for the talent

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  1. YOUR STRATEGY – Employee retention is a strategy for keeping your employee happy an productive. It required adopting and idea then you have shaped yourself based and data you have collected. It is about building on own principle and sticking to them.

2. GUIDANCE – The place to start is your own shoes, We needed to analyze role in your employee retention strategy and go from the there. You are the person which is charge. That means you get to have the final say all the big decision and tasks put together the team and coordinates the machinery.

3. STRONG TEAM – We have the your backyard covered and then now we have your neighbor. Your employee are need and collaboration from one another which is why has to be strong sense employee of team and mutual goals.

4. TALENT DEVELOPMENT – You are the part of war for talent. We have already made it clear that even though it hard to find the employee. then the it make them stay harder.

5. DEMANDING TASKS Young, talent people who are to work hard, show off their qualities of world are need an the opportunity.

6. BELONGING – Another important task ahead of you is to be make employee feel like their workplace is their second of house.

7. AWARD SYSTEM – The final aspects of your employee retention strategy is the award you set up for all the employees.