Volatility in share price

As share market is volatile market the price of the shares will be chage every day. It may be negative or positive. There are many several issues which can impact on the share price. It may be internal or external. What ever it will affect share price. When company declares it’s quarterly results it will always has impact on its share price. Majore parts are turnover,profit, reserve, expenses etc. If companies sales are improving and company has mentioned increase in profits it may positively impact on share price. If profits and sales are negetive it may negetively impact on share price.In balance sheet Debts are growing it will affect the share price. When company brings new products to market,if such companies competitors are becoming strong it will affect the share price.In external if countries economy is in depression it will negetively hit the price.if mansoon is good in country it will be good news for market of mansoon if bad it will negetively hit the Market. when government bring new schemes which may benifitial for corporates then market will get possitive sign from it, hope will increase.As share market get highly impact from news it act quickly to each and every aspects.