Do we choose our problems ?

Everything in life happens by our choice. Life is a struggle and we pick something on the go and hold it as a treasure. These belongings limit us from attaining the spiritual enlightenment. Now you are at a certain point in your life and you have the liberty to make wise choices and proceed to the path of liberation.

To think about a situation or a problem as being everything, is called a worry. Worries are not easy to get rid of. Everyone experiences worries now and then. To worry is the same as taking the matter into your own hands. It is wrong to take matters into your own hands. Each and every God has said that people should not worry and that we have to leave everything to Him.You cannot experience anything amidst your worries. Experience (of God) and worrying are never together. You will have the experience once these worries disappear.

Worry is the greatest ego – Real peace should be with you forever. You cannot experience God in the presence of worries. Worry is the greatest ego. A person who believes, “I am running this, I am doing it,” will suffer from worries. The person, who does not have faith in God, will be the one who worries.

Worry is an open fire – Worry is a fire. One becomes consumed with anxieties that something bad may happen. Once in a while there arises an opportunity for a human being to become an individual with imposing values but if he wastes away his human life worrying, then he will lose the right to be born a human again. Grave indeed is the consequence of not realizing this. The path of liberation starts the moment you stop worrying. Until attaining the spiritual experience of the Lord, the fire of worries continues to burn and people burn in the fire of worries just like potatoes roasting in a fire pit. Such is the life of those who worry.

Spiritual Enlightenment – Bliss follows when worries stop. When worries no longer occur, then all entanglements will diminish. You will experience bliss in the absence of worries and in the midst of all external turmoil. It is then that you will realize that the true entanglements are gone. It will not come just like that. Bliss will only come after the spiritual enlightenment or the Eternal Spirit untangles all your puzzles, and at that point, you will experience bliss and it will remain with you. A life free from worries is a desirable one for all of us , is it not?

Nothing in this world is worth worrying about, not even for a second. Now face those entanglements and bring a solution to them.“Oppose adverse circumstances, look for solutions, but do not worry.” Double punishment for those who worry God says that there are two punishments for those who worry and just one for those who do not. If you worry about a task, you ruin it. Nature tells us to put forth tremendous effort in order to accomplish a difficult task. The one who worries takes the reins into his own hands and believes, ‘I am the one who is making it work!’ .Dependence on the non-Self (complex of thoughts, speech and actions) results in worry. You will have to leave behind all your materialistic possessions and relations when you leave this world. During this final stage in your life, no one will have the power to do anything. The only things you will be allowed to take with you are your paap (bad deeds) and punya (good deeds). To put it simply, a list of whatever rights and wrongs you have done here, will accompany you. The monetary earnings gained from those crimes will remain here and the case will continue in the next life. As a result of these accumulated karma you will acquire a new body and you will have to start afresh to pay off the debts you created in your this life. So why not wake up from the beginning? Worries actually harm your health and obstruct whatever is due to you.

The final words….

If you truly had faith in God, you would leave everything to him and sleep soundly. There is so much going on inside of you (such as digestion etc) that requires care, and yet you worry about what is happening on the outside. God is doing all the great work inside, and all the outside work is minor in comparison to this. You claim that you are doing all the work, so naturally God will feel bad! Worries arise because of this ego of ‘doership’. The person, who worries, is egoistic. Leave everything to God , Surrender yourself to HIM and stop worrying. Then  you will realize God, so that your worries will be gone forever.