Great places for tourism in India

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, not just economically, but also in tourism. Tourism makes a great contribution to the Indian economy, and helps our country grow faster. Tourism generates about 9.2 % of Indian GDP single handedly. Millions of people visit India every year as tourists. India is famous for its serene beaches, enticing palaces, wide green landscapes, enchanting hill stations and for its calming religious places. India with its vast culture and diverse habitants houses many different monuments, palaces and historical artifacts. Every place in India has its own history and importance. A tourist must visit India many times in order to cover every significant place. We have tourists visiting India multiple times, so that they can relive their memories. India is so rich in its cultural heritage, that every person on this earth would want to visit India, at least once in their lifetime. Places like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are some of the places one wouldn’t want to miss. 

Let us now look at some of the world heritage sites in India:- 

1. Agra fort:- It was built in the 16 th century by the Mughal emperors and Is one of the 

most prominent architecture of its time.

2. Ajanta caves:- Famous because it’s richly decorated with paintings like sigiriya 


3. Ellora caves:- It’s famous for the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples and its rock cut 


4. Taj Mahal:- It was built by the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Agra in the 

memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal.

5. Sun Temple:- It is situated in Orissa and is famous for its Kalinga architectural 


6. Mahabalipuram monuments:- It was built by the emperor’s of Pallava Dynasty as it 

depicts architectural designs of their time. It’s famous for its temples, chariots and mandapas.

7. Churches and Convents of Goa:- The churches and Convents in Goa are built by the 

Portugese, French and Britishers. They are one of the oldest pieces of architecture existing even today.

8. Khajuraho monuments:- They consist of famous Jain and Hindu temples in Jhansi. 

They are famous for their erotic figures and sculptures.

9. Monuments of Hampi:- Situated in the prosperous kingdom of Vijayanagar of 

Karnataka, they are famous for their Dravidian style of architectural designs and for the famous Virupaksha temple.

10. Fatehpur Sikri:- It is Famous for its four monuments, the Jama masjid, the Buland darwaza , Diwan-e-khas and Diwan-e-aam. 

These don’t even constitute a percentage of what India possesses. India is a country filled with culture and traditions not just Indian but also various others. As Indian’s we must not only take pride in these but also do our best in protecting them, as various historical sites are getting damaged due to intense pollution and lack of proper protection. The government is trying it’s level best to protect them and now it’s our turn. Imagine ten years down the lane we just have ruptures and ruins of these beautiful sites. It’s better to take proper action now, than regret later.