Joint venture

Joint venture is the entity created by two or more companies for the particular purpose, the companies will put the fund in the beginning and in the future days they will share the profits of the entity accordingly. The joint venture may happen one comapany may good in technology so it will help the another company. By adopting joint venture one comapany from other country can produce with the company and enter in to the market. The comapany can increase its market share by joining with other company by joint venture. Joint venture can help when new innovative products are offering in the market where high technology is needed where companies can share their technology. Joint venture will reduce cost by economies of scale and increase the financial position of the entity. By this new technology can be brought in to business and can attract new customers to the business.joint venture will help the companies to face the tough competition in the market.when both companies come together for the particular purpose that can share their infrastructure where it will help in reduce the cost.