The Voting…

Vote is the formal expression of the choice or opinion of a person. The voting is process to choose the a person in an election. Voting system
is set of rules or law that governs the conduct of the election. As human
need oxygen to survive likewise voting is necessary to existence of the
Democracy. Democracy has given people a powerful right- that is to VOTE. Voting is the fundamental basis of democracy’s ‘Of the people, for the people, and by the people’ Therefore, rather than enjoying it as a holiday, one must vote if he truly wants to contribute to the nation-building process and bring about a change. A Citizen should actually not need to find any reason to Vote. It must be done as a compulsive duty although there is no legal obligation to vote. In India the Voting is a Constitutional right if one is a citizen over 18 years of age.  In India National Voters Day is celebrated on 25th day of January every year to spread awareness and to  To ensure that new voter or the 18+ who gets registered, finds a way to understand that ‘voting is an important responsibility, and at certain point of time, they have to go to vote.

  • It induces the Sense of Empowerment: Through voting, people have a sense of ‘ownership of government’.
  • To make government more responsible and accountable: Indian voters have brought revolutionary changes, in that regard, through voting e.g. in 1967, when Congress Government was not working as per the aspirations of the people, people brought the Congress Government to very thin majority at the center and almost half of the State Governments were given to non-congress parties.
  • By voting, people can decide the direction of change and development.

The Voting system widely classified into two categories ie. Plurality System and the Proportional Representative system. Plurality or Majoritarian System in which party win directly by getting only higher proportion of the seats than the proportion of vote they got in election. This increases the chances of a single party to gain parliamentary
majority. In Proportional System which guarantees an equal relationship between seat won by party and the votes gained in election. So there is low probability to making government of a single party, generally it has multi-party or the coalition government.

Even now, we have to more contribute towards the improvements in the Voting pattern because the Voting Percentage is not up to mark. These can be overcome by following ideas

  • Some challenges like financing of elections, unfair use of social media in elections and proxy voting for NRIs are yet to be addressed.
  • Something should be done to facilitate inter-migrants to vote in the place, where they are living.
  • Political class and ECI need to come together to find the ways and means to decriminalize the elections. Entry of the criminals into politics should be taken in more serious manner.
  • Examining the relevance of alternative kind of methods like Proportional Representation System in Indian Elections.
  • Electoral Reforms should be introduced to handle coalitions.

At last I request you to please vote for nation buildings and for strength of democratic values.


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