Abandoning and ill-treatment of old parents

How much do you love your parents? From the small baby to the present you, they loved you unconditionally. Completing your every demand that you wished from your childhood. Can you repay the love by loving them till their end?

In today’s scenario, many old parents are abandoned by their own children. They left them at their poorly state. They feel burden to keep their old parents at home. Many parents are mistreated by snatching all the money by their children and thrown out of their own houses. They become helpless and cannot do anything. How can someone bare to see their parents crying?

What is the importance of celebrating Father’s day and mother’s day? They just show the love in the social media posts but they don’t show the actual love that they need the most in real life. They don’t spend much time together with them. In the old stage, they don’t want live lonely. They need the love and care that they had given the same to their own child.

For such cases, various laws has passed for the security of old parents. They can sue or file a complaint against them for such actions. The person can have 6 month jail for such shameful actions. For their safety various old age homes are provided for them with shelter and food.

This should be stopped and we need to learn and value our parents. Respect and love them . Help and be the support system of them.