Cottage industries in India

Cottage indusries is also known as traditional industries. These are organised by individuals with the private resources.They produce simple products with simple technology. The cottage indusries play a vital role in the growth of Indian economy. Cottage indusries provide employment opportunities in village.They can raise extra income.Women wanting to work can also work in the cottage industry. These industries uses local resources available in that area.

Cotton weaving. Cotton threads are made by the rural people. They spin and weave by hand. Cotton is spun around a chakra.

Silk weaving :They produce silk from silk worms. They threads are then purchased by the local people at the low price.

Knitting:People in the rural area do the buisness of knitting sweaters in their home. They make products and then sell them at the market.

Handicrafts:The handicrafts maintains a unique character in India. In foreign countries Handicrafts are considered as luxury but in India it is considered as normal material.

Pottery:Pottery is used in making pots and diyas. This is made from clay with the help of wheel.

Problems faced by cottage indusries :

1.Lack of power :The people in the villages do not get 24 hours electricity due to which their work is not properly done.

2.Problem of finance: Poor people cannot afford to purchase raw material or new machines for their industry.

3.Old methods of production:People use old techniques due to which the product do not result in high quality.

4.Problem of marketing :They do not have marketing strategy or the marketing planning. Due to which they do not get the right price for their product and they incur losses.

We should stop using Chinese products and should start buying from the Indian traditional markets.