Road Safety Week

Who doesn’t love long drives? It is relaxing to drive after a long stressful week. But the fun and enjoyment can turn into trauma, if we encounter an accident. As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways there were 4,49,002 road accidents recorded in India in the year 2019.

Road Accidents

Road accidents have become very common nowadays. As more and more people are buying automobiles, the incidences of road accidents are just increasing day by day. In year 2019, there were 4,49002 road accidents, killing 1,51,113 people and causing injury to 4,51,361 persons. This translates into an average of 1,230 accidents and 414 deaths every day and nearly 51 accidents and 17 deaths every hour (source: Ministry of road transport and highways). These accidents cause loss of life as well as material. People need to be more careful when on the road, no matter which mode of transport you use. To prevent the accidents we should follow all the traffic rules because not following traffic rules and guidelines could result in loss of life. Government and a few non-government organizations have taken the initiative to educate the people about road accidents and their prevention. 

Road Safety Week

Road safety week is celebrated from 11th January to 17th January every year with great joy and enthusiasm at many places in India.  People are encouraged about how to drive on the road by organizing a variety of programs related to road safety. During the whole week’s celebration, a variety of educational banners, safety posters, safety films, pocket guides and leaflets related to the road safety are distributed to the road travelers. 

Many commuters also explain about the methods and necessities of road safety. So that the people understand the use of helmets and seat belts while driving on the road or anywhere. They also tell the people about different rules, acts and laws related to road safety and encourage the people to follow them.

Various painting and drawing competitions, road safety advertisements, fairs, road rules tests, girls scooter rallies take place all around India to encourage the use of helmets, debates on road safety at the All India Radio, workshops, seminars, lectures etc. are organized during this week.

Free medical check-up camps and driving training workshops are organized for the drivers to encourage them towards road safety. This is done because generally, the drivers drive very fast to drop their customers to their destinations.

Road safety leaflets including roses, chocolates, and flowers are distributed to the travelers on the road. Road safety quiz contests are also organized to promote people about road safety. Traffic safety games including card games, puzzles, board games and etc are organized to educate school children about road safety.

Celebrating the road safety campaign was initiated by the ISS India HSE (Health Safety and Environment) in order to make people aware of the national road safety in the Indian subcontinent. India has a huge population of road travelers such as two-wheelers, four-wheelers on the road, that’s why we must know about road safety.