Procrastination: “I”LL DO IT LATER”

Procrastination is delaying work for no reason. We all procrastinate. Every time we decide to complete some task but hit the snooze button and find an excuse for not finishing the task. But postponing your work to the next day or not finishing it on due is not gonna affect anyone other than you.

Delaying work

Because you are the one who is accountable for your life. We try to escape work. You know what has to be done but you don’t do it. Instead, you were your times on crappy things which aren’t important at that moment.

How to Beat Procrastination?
Make yourself mentally tough so you don’t rely on your thoughts and let them control you. Read books that have lessons on mindfulness.

Keep yourself physically fit. You don’t go on a war unprepared right?
So to beat procrastination we have to be physically fit and energetic for any upcoming tasks.

Schedule your day. Prioritize your work and align according to that. Do not waste unnecessary time on social media.

Whatever it is, Work on it, Stop Delaying it anymore.