What is Transhumanism?
The idea of altering or augmenting the ancient human body is ancient. Humans have evolved drastically. From nothing to the wisest creature on the planet.

Transhumanism is about taking augmenting or replacing biology with technology for eg to straight teeth with help of braces and lenses for poor sight.

The upcoming years will herald numbers of body augmentation capability that will enable humans to be smarter, stronger, and enhance them utterly. In the future, we can prospects arrival of contact lenses that can capture pictures and videos or a translator which is universal and will help you to communicate in any corner of the world. Implantation of chips or neural lace to mind. These body augmentation capabilities will give rise to humans that are more resilient, accurate, cognitive, and optimized.

However, this technology needed to achieve these goals relies on yet unrealised development in genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and another field of science and this is for sure going to take ample time to reach fruition.