VSCode best Extensions

1.LIVE SERVER- it launches a local development server with a live reload feature.

2.PRETTIER: it is an code formatter that works particularly well, if you have multiple people working on the single project. it make coinvent to read the code.

3.BRACKET PAIR COLORIZER: it gives the opening and closing brackets matching colours, making it much easier to know which brackets belong together.

4.AUTO RENAME TAG: automatically renames tags that you change.

5.CSS PEEK: It also allows you to quickly jump to the right CSS code if you know the class or ID name.

6.Bookmarks: Allows you to add bookmarks to your code, helping you quickly navigate and easily jump back and forth.

7.Snippets: best way to save time and increase your productivity. This is not a single extension but a collection of extensions with various snippets for different programming languages.

8.Icons: Having descriptive icons can help you differentiate between files and folders