THINGS THAT only engineers can understand

1. The endless lectures that seem to stretch on forever. These are supposed to arm you with engineering superpowers, but nothing much seems to seep into your brains.

2. The constant realization that engineering seems like a very different thing than you had imagined it to be. And the ensuing struggle to successfully achieve this degree.

3. No matter how well you plan your semester to get a decent GPA score, you have to deal with many bouncers (surprise tests, endless assignments, group projects) which ultimately result in a not-so-impressive final GPA score.

4.  Your senior (to be called “sir”) is always right and imparts you the real gyaan that you need to know. Every fresher at an engineering college knows that and respects their seniors accordingly. Things you learn from your seniors include the fact that just GPAs don’t matter – extra-curricular activities are equally important for landing a good job placement.

5.Engineers do not stress under tight deadlines. Everything happens last minute in engineering, and now nothing can overwhelm us in life.

6.In four years, we doesn’t know what is happening, so we learn everything. Writing, acting, dance, vlogging

7.We are great manager. We can manage any situation. As we survived in four years, under this

8.Engineers have the power of on-demand jugaad. We find, any way to complete the task.

9.Answering question with far too complex words that only we can understand

10.Going into a project and having absolutely no idea what to do or where to start

11.Losing half of students by the second half of day

12.Everyone who know you’re an engineer thinks you can fix their household appliances.

But jokes apart, we are truly grateful to all the brilliant engineers whose intellect, dedication & curiosity has led to several path-breaking innovations across the world!