BRAIN RULES-JOHN MEDINA(rules summary part-1)

The reason of our problems, are the way of thinking. so, it can be only solve if we know the 12 brain rules. Therefore, new, York times best seller book, brain rules written by John Medina. BY, reading this, we can increase, the power of learning, reading, and working. if we are a student or employer teacher or any field. by, reading and Applying, performance will increase to the next level with the change in the lifestyle.

RULE 1: Brain is a survival organ which evolved with time. with time, or way of thinking and survival techniques has changed. to analysis the things, and be social is the technique that we have use for the survival. so, if our environment and people around us support our goals than, our productivity increases. and if they both are not great, than our life will not be smooth, we will be in depressed.

“The strongest brains survive, not the strongest bodies”-John Medina

RULE 2: Exercise boosts our Brain Power. our brain is made to walk 19km everyday, but even if we do 2-3 days in a week for 30min. we can increase our brain power. because, exercise help to circulate the blood to the brain, than that blood energy, with the help of glucose remove toxic cells and increase power.

RULE 3: Sleep well, think well. Proper sleep make us productive, with the lack of sleep, brain function, focus power, memory or even logical thinking damages. Sleep naps really increase the power. During sleep, also our brain does not rest. It learn the things and process everything that happens during day. Therefore, proper sleep is very much needed.