A woman is a country’s fate, do not put her life at stake.

A Warm Greetings to all of my readers.This is totally gonna be about Women’s role in the society.Role doesn’t mean only to her personal life’s commitments here it’s also about her growth physically and the hindrances that she has had experiencing

A women in the society should Desire her life and life to the fullest as up to her limitations. There were days where a girl  is born it’s taken granted that she must live her life in order to please others. Her Carrier Aspirations, her Goals are things that are absolutely unimportant for her Family. Teaching her Household Works, making her Marriage holds greater significance in their minds. Luckily this situation has changed a little bit in the current world today!!


A Girl is by birth undergoes problems like when she was born in an Orthodox Family it is her starting issue attempt that she face in her like but unfortunately it’s a bad sign because such people aren’t been or being ready to accept a girl child was born, As they think that if the child born is a girl baby the family has to spend at her dowry. But instead of worrying about the gender of the child born they should thank god for giving such a pleasure in life and their family. Because children are the Gift and the Reward from God.So we should be  grateful for that.


As of this case a girl has to be more conscious as of this society. AS because a girl should be fully aware as because to safeguard her intimacy and privacy. It may be slight abnormal or unusual because it’s very important to know all about the world one she attains her puberty. She should be very conscious about her RELATIONSHIPS…Girls and even boys should be given a sex educational programme in their medium of learning as because if they are well aware of it there’s no problem in every aspects and meanwhile they will also learn about their life’s purposes and Relationships.

Sexual maturation (reproductive age):

As of our Indian Culture this is the period where she goes from her own  family to a new family. She begins to live her like in a different manner accordingly to her family where  gets married and now speaking about this particular stage this makes her to get into Intimate Relationship with her life partner. She enjoys every pleasure in her life but sometimes she may also get into stress.

Climacteric period

Climacteric is the period of life starting from the decline in ovarian activity until after the end of ovarian function. According to the definition, the period includes peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Post-climacteric (elderly) years:

In some women, hot flashes and other symptoms attributed to menopause persist for many years after the cessation of menses. The frequency and severity of such symptoms and response to hormone therapy in older women have not been well documented. Here she becomes a kind of stressed and depressed and goes to many emotional feelings.

As these are kind of sample of about the women’s difficulties in her personal life. Now let’s see bout the challenges and hindrances that she face towards their life socially and technically.

To say about the social hindrances she face this aspect in every moment and in every fields as because as in the case of schools/colleges  she face the gender differences if not taught  her importance towards the future it’s of no doubt that her male classmates don’t be able to accept her as a fellow respectable student. This is the first beginning of her issue.

Next if she goes to a work there more domination more than the thing before as because there is where she comes to face issues of inequality, domination and so on that  pushes her back of her courage and confidence.

Technical Hindrances is not very sure but it’s possible in the case that depends on the way of how you were brought up. This is very known hindrance as of a girl virtual world especially during these pandemic situations in the case of a girl of her graduation of university/colleges. As because right from our schooling some may not be well known about the gadgets. But as of now as everything is changing technical  it makes her to get a little bit tough as she has to learn everything new if she’s not known to those.

Especially parents of teenagers should give her hope that she does not feel deprived. Some parents’ think those usage of gadgets aren’t teaching good values but instead certain sessions should be arranged to make them aware of the benefits of technology. Teenagers especially a girl child gets certain low self-esteem as their parents always blame at her technology usage. There are the main reason that the teenager is unaware of it.


Another great revolution would be possible for every women is only when women are given equal rights and most of all this is not becoming common in our day to day live as because of every growing technology.But then there exists some strain which is caused by certain social evils.


All these can’t be solved if at all a woman becomes herself courage and call up every woman to become strong well enough to face the world. As a Teenager my personal suggestion would be  is to have a daring spirit,Passions,Self-Motivation, Self Confidence and so on everything.If all these are achieved in life then it’s of no doubt that a day you are surely gonna rock the world and that day would be totally yours.


Every teenager must work accordingly to this so that it ultimately reflects upon the society. Thus I am clear that as of this current situations women’s are getting motivated by these organisations that highlights on women’s strength and courage.If only the world gets to start by now it would reach up the destiny which has to be achieved.