Board Examinations in India

In India the corona virus affect is mildly decreasing. In this time the government has to keep twelfth exams at this time and the result should be announced before this high risk of corona days, but now because of this corona it has been postponed. Students are safe at home and listening to the class and some days they went to school alternatively. In this corona virus second wave many students are affected many are in serious conditions, because of this corona as the economy is down parents are forcing their children to work. In this situation the children has to study and work in a job for their future, because without studying or not cultivating the talent you will be not able to sustain in this world. Day by day the world is going in advance all our trying to work hard to register their name in this world. Students need to study they can study where they are for studying there is no age limit but health is not like studies. So students have to stay in their home and study because each and every student health is not same like others so that keeping exam in offline is not worthy. If we maintain social distancing, washing hands an all too it may spread because by coughing by speaking an all, if we wear masks too it is not at all worthy. If we keep exams through online is the best thing for these days because no one will go out without any risk we can write with student safety but they will cheat in the exams. Technologies have improved a lot from big shops to small shops all in our finger tips we need not want to go outside itself such an invention we the human beings have invented. 


Technology with this help itself we can make student write their exam which they have learned before how means usually while writing a exam the camera will be on student must not move for max 3 minutes he can relax himself for the time period half an hour, around the student there must not be noise it must be clear. Through invention we can make many things so that we can block other things or apps because while writing student concentration must be fully focused on writing if the student has a laptop then there will be no problem only the camera and sound will be the problem but in mobile phone while writing exam the student can go to other apps like what’s app, twitter, you tube, and Google chrome etc.. So the government has to give them data card to write their exam and do these facilities so that all will do their exam. Government had told twelfth all pass without writing exam and passing in exam will become a big risk in their future because during their job interviews they may suffer with their marks.  Its corona pandemic we cannot go to school at least we can do these methods because it may became a big risk for them to choose a course or college. Only solution is writing exam through online is also the best way to save the students from the corona virus and also to make their future bright.

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