What about your mental health?

In today’s era, everyone is occupied in their own life, we all are overlooking the most significant thing i.e. our mental well-being. It is a principal concern globally. Several people don’t want to discuss this matter as they viewed it as a disgrace, several people relate this issue with craziness, being a person who is crazy and who can’t use his/her mind capacity naturally thinks as a victim of mental diseases, but it’s not true this topic is far wider and contains a lot of things do you know what mental health includes, it includes social, psychological, emotional, every field of life. It forms and constructs our way of thinking and living life. According to WHO near around 7.5 percent of people of the whole world suffer from some kind of mental health issues like traumas, disorders, etc.
From this large number of people, most of them don’t take any corrective actions even they even share their problems with anyone. It is deemed taboo in society. These issues related to mental health doesn’t recognize by someone easily, it appears to light when a person started getting self-destructive thoughts. Meanwhile, they commit something wrong with them, it is not a minor issue; it grows from years to years little by little, if no action is taken by a person seriously. You can’t consider it as only a temporary issue, it can leads to permanent damage too. The way we talk about other diseases with someone, we can’t talk about this. Most teenagers don’t get enough courage to share their internal thoughts and feelings with someone to save them from being judged. Moreover, it doesn’t come only in a specific age group, a child, an adult and even a meddle age person come to suffer from this. Our lives become so hectic we always remain busy with one or more things, a correct reason to suffer from a health issue is still unknown, as a reason can be genetics or it can arise from a specific age, from hormonal changes, from some specific event happened in someone’s life or it can arise from different trauma situation of a person’s life. So there are numerous reasons. But there are a lot of warning signs from which we can recognize that someone has these issues or not, like a person is sleeping or eating irregularly whether in shortage or excess, if someone is indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking excessively. Feeling helpless, hapless, confused, angry, upset, numb, experiencing serve mood swings. Inability to perform a daily task and thinking of harming himself, etc. So, one need to take some crucial steps towards spreading awareness about mental health worldwide. It a common issue so there is no need to worry and patients recover from it very easily permanently. But just there is a need to take some steps and it need support from society from government, from everyone. There are different ways to cope up with this issue, like talking with friends and family about it, taking some professional help if need it, stay positive, connecting with others.