girl’s education importance and its history

children are very innocent and simple that they simply learn what we teach them or what they see thier elder doing. Children just copy the things their parents do. If they taught to respect female and equality among everyone, they would never disrespect or insult any gender.

In older times, women are only seen doing household works.They had no right to be educated, to go outside their houses or to do work they want. They are forced to live thier whole life under the same four walls. They had no freedom at all. They had struggled so long to get their rights. There were many activists who fought for women education in india.

There were women who faught faught for their rights. Some of them are:-

Savitribai Phule She was the first female teacher in the first school for girls in India. After being married at 13, she was educated by her husband and other activists. Along with fathima sheikh, they started the first school for girls “Indigenous Library” in 1948. In 1853, savitribai and her husband jyotirao esrablished an education society that opened more schools for girls and women.

Fathima Shiekh She is widely regarded as first female muslim teacher in India. She worked with savitiribai for educating girls. she also helped Savitribai set up their first girls’ school in her own house. she taught Dalit, Shudra, Adivasi and female students until 1856. 

Ramabai Ranade She was one of the first women social workers and educators. She successfully created a network for women to avail vocational training, healthcare information and established the first high school for women on India. She became actively involved in the Prarthana Samaj and also in the Seva Sadan.

Chandraprabha Saikiani She was the pioneer of the women’s movement in Assam. In 1921, she started the Asam Pradeshik Mahila Samity which is still operational in Guwahati.The Tezpur University established a women’s centre in her name, Chandraprabha Saikiani Center for Women’s Studies (CSCWS) in 2009 for promoting women’s education in Northeast India.

Anutai Wagh She was one of the pioneers of preschool education in India.she faced a lot of backlash from conservatives groups for educating young girls.Her work at the ‘Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra’ formed the basis for the development of preschool education.

Now, our country has progresses a lot in terms of equality. But still, Around the world, 132 million girls are out of school, including 34.3 million of primary school age, 30 million of lower-secondary school age, and 67.4 million of upper-secondary school age.The reasons are poverty, child marriage and gender-based violence. It should be changed. Girls should be educated at any cost. Because girl who recieve education are more likely to marry young and live a healthy and productive life.