36500 DAYS

I’d like to begin with a Chinese proverb. And the way this proverb goes like this: “It is better to light the candle than curse the darkness. “

And the reason why I said this is because it’s not obvious to us that we have become masters of cursing the darkness. We have become really good at cursing darkness.

What is our experience of being alive? We’ve had some good days , We’ve had some bad days. Some challenges, some good memories. Some things we would change, some things we wouldn’t change.

But , do you know that every day that you have in this earth , that you have been alive on this earth, this earth has been in motion. And everything, everything is in motion.

All this time there has been a motion, there has been a sequence of events taking shape, people coming onto this planet Earth, things coming onto this planet Earth, things leaving this planet Earth. I mean , it’s actually a drama that you can’t imagine that has been taking place.

And you have been alive! And you’ve looked at your problems. You’ve had a plan and whenever things do not go according to your plan , you had a problem!

And you’ve been alive all those days! How many days do you actually get to live? It’s a shocking reality. Even if you live for a hundred years, that’s only thirty six thousand, five hundred days.

I wish I were missing a zero. I am not. That’s all there is.

This is the time you get. You get those 36500 days only to get all the things right.

Khushi Agarwal