Religion and politics

India is a secular country and is like home for many religion , caste , diversities and always known for the equality in diversity but being home for many cultures, the country is divided by the religions and caste. This is breaking strength of the country and giving rise to the minorities. Certain minorities facin problems due to their religion or caste need to be brought into consideration ans pronvided privileges equal to the others.

There is debate on need of column for religion and caste in official forms in India. Many politicians and celebrities demanded the column for religion and caste in forms. From school admission forms to visa, passport and even forms of competetive exams have a specific column for religion and caste to be filled. Not only in education field but in everuy field there is a specific column for religion and caste. Many politicaians play politics on the topic of religion and caste.

secularity means equality among all the religions, diversities and cultures in a country. India is a secular country that means it distributes equal rights, benefits and opportunities to every religion or caste. In such secular country like India the need to specify one’s religion or caste might seem to many as contradiction to the concept of secularity. 

Also reservation is too important for some minorities and truely backward sections of the society which is possible if one specifies religion and caste in the forms. It also helps in maintenance of government database and providing benefits and equal opportunities to all in the field of education, job etc. It helps government to check the equally gorwth of every section of society and providing equal opportunities to them.

Its true, many of such (so called)backward section misuse the thier privileges and reservation given to the minorities. But the people who have genuine need, it is important to provide them reservation and privileges. Becomes a necessity to avoid unequal treatment of various categories in India.