Success measured by Money or Mental Strength?

Is Success measured by money or mental strength?

   Success can be said as the outcome of our efforts in simple terms. If a person is Successful he will be at a stage where he cannot replace such feeling. Many persons used to surf to become successful rather finding his/her   own way to become successful and now let me say it in brief.

  • To become successful first choose your passion or the field in which you wanted to be successful.
  • Then think of the ways to achieve it.
  • Now prioritize your works.
  • Time Management is one of the keys to become Successful.
  • Set your goal.
  • Work hard until you achieve it.
  • Overcome your fears, Obstacles and everything that stops you.
  • And Now the most important thing NEVER EVER GIVE UP

  Success measured by Money:

What is money for?

              Money is the basic commodity that helps you to run a life. So each and everyone should remember that money is only to satisfy your needs not your feelings.Everytime when you are successful you will experience a sort of feeling that money cannot repay it. So if a person is Successful with his/her money he will not get the happiness of Success.

How hard is Success?

Success is tough no matter how you slice it. With so many people vying and competing in what many label as a zero-sum game, achieving any semblance of grand-scale success has become monumentally difficult. And it will only get harder as the years wear on.

why isn’t it easy?

Success is knowing what to do and actually doing it. Failure is knowing what to do and not doing it. Most of us actually know what to do but for some reason, fear perhaps or whatever, we just don’t do itWhat makes achieving success difficult? Answer: Achieving academic success is difficult for me because of a lack of self-discipline. I need to change my study habits to overcome my lack of self-discipline. Achieving academic success needs organization, time management, prioritization, concentration, and motivatio

  Success by Mental Strength:

                        If a person desires to be successful and goes to any extent for it he is a person of strong mental strength. It’s because only such person with mental strength will work for it and only such person explores its pleasure .Thus Money cannot replace your feelings and only Success is measured by mental strength.

   To be a person of strong mental strength a person should be him/her self and must be concerned about his mind and soul because these keep you strong. Also yoga’s, Meditation can be done to improve it.  

       Unlike others we must be unique in finding a way for our success. Most of the successful people say that Time Management is very important to become successful. It’s because when you manage your time you can improve yourself rather running behind the clock. The teenagers must also be energetic and active instead of being lazy. To become successful to must work and go for any positive extent to achieve it.

“Success depends less on strength of Body than upon Mind and Character”

                                                                                                        -Arnold Palmer