The sky is pink

        How do you feel when you know that you are gonna die in a few years or few months.

So The story is about a girl who dies at the age of 18. She has an elder brother named Ishan and also an elder sister named Tanya, who died at 5 months old because she was suffering from a disease. She was born with Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). When she was 6 months old she had to undergo a bone marrow Transplant and it had a side effect due to which she had to undergo medical therapy following Chemotherapy, she developed a Serious illness called pulmonary fibrosis- a type of condition that causes irreversible scarring of the lungs.

She was also a speaker at TEDx Pune in the year 2013. She gave inspirational talks from the age of 15 till she died. She also wrote a book named My Little Epiphanies that was published one day before her death. She was a speaker at INK conferences also.

Now, just imagine what will be her state of mind when she knows she is gonna die in a few days. That’s what is called strong mental health. 

      So now the “she” who I referred and talked about is

   “Aisha Chaudhary”

There is a movie called The Sky is Pink. Go, watch out for the movie and understand why The Sky is Pink.

How to be Mentally Strong

In life, there are tough times, and we need to make sure that we are mentally strong enough to deal with and get out of them. You need to control your emotions, choosing to stay positive whatever may be the situation.

  1. The obstacles which come in your life should be seen as stepping stones for your success. As we know, No pain No gain so take it up as a challenge. 
  2. Exercise your mind, Take on a daily task through which you can stretch your mental endurance and gain stamina.
  3. You cannot control everything which is happening in your life, but you can control how to react to the situation positively or negatively.
  4. Don’t be so busy with your work that you don’t even have time for yourself. Have small self-talks and replace self-doubt with positivity.
  5.  Focus on the solutions and get tensed and learn from failures. Don’t repeat the same mistake because if the mistake is repeated it’s no more a mistake. 
  6. Learn to let go of things. You need to focus on making yourself happy. Do things that make you happy. You don’t need to think about society.

Here are few habits which can help you be mentally strong:- 

  1. Don’t let negativity enter your mind, Cut down the negative and self-talk and start saying good things to yourself
  2. Start meditating, Spend time with your loved ones
  3. Spending time with children can also help you relax with things
  4. Learn to say NO to things, be your own best friend, Give yourself self-time and self-care.
  5. Learn to manage your emotions, Acknowledge your strengths
  6. Learn from past experiences and try developing new skills.


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