France fines google $267 million

There’s a new trend getting heat in many countries of problems with big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter. Now recently France fined google 267 million dollars, though this amount is not big enough for a company with revenue of almost 147 billion dollars.

What has happened?

France’s competition watchdog has fined googled 220 million euros ($267 million) for abusing its market power in the online advertising industry. The French competition authority said on Monday ” Google had unfairly sent business to its own services and discriminated against the competition”. Google has agreed to pay the fine and end some of its self-preferencing practices, the watchdog said. The settlement is a final step in a series of events triggered by a 2019 complaint against google’s ad practices by several media companies over tech giant’s ad practices in France. The investigation comes after US-based news corp, French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’ and the Belgian press group ‘Rossel’ filed a complaint against Google. The investigation found that Google gave preferential treatment to its DFP advertising server and its SSP adx listing platform. Isabelle de Silva, president of the French competition authority, said in a statement that the decision is first in the world. She added that the investigation revealed processes by which google favoured itself over its competitors on both advertising servers and supply-side platforms. Isabelle also said that “this sanction and these commitments will make it possible to re-establish a level playing field for all actors, and the ability of publishers to make the most of their advertising spaces. Google announced in a blog on Monday that it will be making series of changes to its advertising technology.

As the changes are only binding in France, it is not yet clear whether Google will also implement them elsewhere in Europe or the rest of the world. Regulators across Europe are clamping down on the major US tech giants amid concerns that they wield too much power on the bloc’s 700 million-plus citizens. Last week Facebook was hit by two antitrust probes from regulators in the UK and Europe. The European Commission has launched probes into Amazon, Google and Microsoft over the last few years, while UK’s competition and markets authority has also launched probes into Google and Apple since it became an independent regulator in its own right in January following Britain’s exit from the E.U. Google also faced an antitrust case in India over abuse in smart TV’s market.