“Easy Ways to Avoid an Argument”

“Easy Ways to Avoid an Argument”

Arguments never help people to solve a problem or reach a compromise. Arguments always implicate tension and reciprocal irritation, which aggravates misunderstanding between the parties and turn things into great problemsArguments can be like storms – enough bad ones over a long period of time and it can really start to weather away at things

The author in this essay gives three situations to avoid an argument. Once he went to an ice cream shop with his child and demanded for 3 liters of ice cream for which the girl in the shop said ‘Do you know how hard it is to scoop three liters?’ She wanted to question that girl but instead she understood the situation that it was too rush and she was the only girl to serve everybody. The girl felt comfort and relaxed by her words. So the author avoided the situation of an argument. The author gives three techniques in which we can avoid an argument and she calls them as ‘Tongue Fu’.

Handle hassles with humour:

The author once happens to see a tall young man walking in San Francisco Airport. People around him were laughing because his T-Shirt says ‘No I am not a Basket ball player’ and at the back it was ‘Are you a Jockey?’ The author chased him and asked for which the tall man said that he has a whole drawer full at home. The author was surprised to hear this. But the tall man said that one should not bother what others say about him and if he finds that they are making fun of him then to sometimes few catchy quotations or cartoons are put on to change the attitude of the people.

When people complain, don’t explain:

The author says there are situation where we come across complaints in that situation we should not start explaining otherwise it will lead to argument. Like when somebody is ringing to the office and complaining about the catalogue, instead of explaining about the delay its better say sorry and till them that you will get to them back soon. Another example is a man was waiting an appointment with the doctor at 3 o’clock. But when it was time he got angry and started shouting. But the receptionist replied him in a polite voice and convinced him.

Exit gracefully:

In a dinner table there was an argument about the highways. The father-in-law does not like and the son-in-law said it is good to have highways. The father-in-law does not like and he existed from the dinner table.

Another example, there was a talk going on between the author and his friends regarding the election and each one was favouring his own favourite party. When they asked the opinion of the author, the author didn’t say anything and came out of that place. Thus the author says one can avoid argument if he remembers these three steps in life because ‘A spoken word flies; you won’t catch it’. It is waste of time only. So we have to avoid fruitless arguments.