The short story, Test of True Love is a romantic story about a young lieutenant Blandford and lady, Hollis Meynell, who had fallen in love with each other. The author shows us the possibility of existence of a real strong relationships even though a great distances and the fact that two people can be very close to each other even having never seen each other. The young lieutenant Blandford would do anything just to win the love of Meynell and he serves during the war time, while once he faced some witty notes in the book he had been reading. They were made by a woman, whom he contacted later and who has had the power to reach inside of him through writing and renew his strength even from a far. They have been in touch during thirteen years. “YEA, THOUGH I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL” This sentence strengthened Blandford and gave him courage whenever he feared. This time the woman, who was 30, supported the lieutenant and they both trusted their true inner feelings and instincts. Now the tall young lieutenant was waiting for this woman in Grand Central Station and worried a lot. They knew about each other only from their own words. The first woman he saw was a beautiful lady, wearing a green suit but she had no red rose on her jacket, as it was in their agreement to identify each other. Then he turned around and a woman well past forty appeared to be the one he had been waiting for. However, the lieutenant behaves like a real man and doesn’t escape from the place or pretense to be somebody else. She tells him the truth that the girl he was waiting for is the one he had seen some minutes ago. The message provided by the author is that the real love can exist even in incredible conditions. The fact that two people had been in touch for such a long time and who had never met before, but finally can share a mutual feeling and emotions can prove it. The writer accomplishes this message to the reader through the use of the setting, tone and each individual character in the story. Although the setting is used to describe the atmosphere, the tone is used effectively to communicate the complete and compelling feeling and emotion to the reader. The author uses a clear image of every character. The young lieutenant is shown from the very introduction of the story. The description of the Blandford’s states includes a mixture of emotions and feelings. By drawing all attention to the lieutenant, the reader is immediately given a clear image of Lieutenant Blandford, standing anxiously waiting to meet the woman who he has never seen but claims to love To better show us the emotions of lieutenant and the drama of the situation the author uses the value of time and place. Throughout the story, the author brings the reader out of the station to places that the lieutenant has recalled thinking of this woman. The author stretches the time by retrospect. Time plays a very important role throughout the story, to show how could the time stretch while waiting an important event in your life. The whole story is set on a time schedule as the author begins the story by saying, “Six minutes to six”, and the author creates a feeling of uncertainty for the lieutenant. The time lasts eternity. The figure of the lieutenant is the reflection of many common features which is common to a real man. He’s brave (he participates in battles and combats), here his remembrance of the fight should be mentioned when his plane had been caught in the midst of a pack of Zeros. He is honest as well, and responsible – he was on time at the place of the appointment. However, the lady, Hollis Meynell, quite cunning or even sly, because one can’t approve of her trick she played with a young lieutenant. It’s cruel to examine another person’s feeling in the way she did. But after her final test to Blandford she was sure, that he is a real man, noble, honest and responsible. The atmosphere of the story changes with every line from anxiety, uncertainty and uneasiness to the disappointment (for some seconds). The author accomplishes such instant change in the mood of the story by having the lieutenant meet a woman that he did not expect to meet. As soon as the author has the reader convinced that the mood has changed from excitement to sadness, he once again effectively changes the mood, changing the story head over heels. The author uses a suspenseful tone and it grips the reader’s attention throughout the whole story, the effect makes the reader waiting anxiously from the first line to the end. By doing this, the author creates a feeling of excitement as the reader realizes something exciting is about to happen and this is a real mastery.